Christie Brown was founded in March 2008 with the launch of the brand's first runway show in Accra, Ghana. Founder, Aisha Obuobi began her love affair with fashion at an early age. However, the real motivation came from watching her grandmother, Christie Brown (after whom the label is named), who was a seamstress, create rich and vibrant garments. As a little girl, she reveled in playing with shreds of African material and designed mini collections for her favourite dolls.

Today, Christie Brown stands uniquely as a womens apparel and accessories manufacturer and retailer, with pieces ranging from beautiful bespoke gowns to practical yet statement ready-to-wear pieces and innovative accessories primarily inspired by African culture and art. The clothes and accessories have made a bold statement, painting runways with a fusion of colour and culture, fit for the contemporary African woman.

Christie Brown is more than just clothes; it's a unique experience designed to complement the amazing personalities of the African woman — an experience crafted specially for you.